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Starting Sassy the SAAS booster

Logo sassy

Why are you starting this project?

For a few years now I started working for different startups, that needed a SAAS app to be created. And there are some great starting points however not an total solution to get a real headstart. For the SAAS projects some things that needs to be done everytime are setting up the payment provider, front-end authorization, Support for oAuth login, An admin panel etc.. This should be easier!

Introducing Sassy

Sassy is an easy-to-use starting point solution with recurring billing, admin and front-end SPA. To kickstart your new SAAS app.


  • Scaffold an SAAS app in a few minutes.
  • Out of the box payment provider integration.
  • Front end authorization and account / payment management.
  • Admin panel for support and overview
  • oAuth support for external access.
  • Task Queue support
  • Security throttling
  • Viewable Invoices
  • Fully tested

First things first

To get started we need some essentials to get started:

  • A logo / branding
  • Licence / legal
  • Future roadmap
  • LTS releases strategy